Vivek's Professional Website: Introduction & Welcome!

I have set this site up to discuss and perhaps help further my educational, professional, societal, and charitable pursuits.  I am a strong willed individual who believes in continually learning in order to succeed in an ever-changing business environment.  Most importantly, I love what I do very much, and I strive to fulfill the responsibilities that have been bestowed upon me to the best of my ability.  My pursuits and passions lie in business, although my earlier educational background is in technology, both of which I believe have a vital role in every industry.  My skill set is diverse and tailored very well for small businesses and large businesses alike.  From delegation & supervision to getting my hands dirty, from the realms of Corporate Finance to the depths of Manufacturing, I pride myself in bringing the flexibility of small business and the stability of large business together.

I have been passionate about business, whether formally or informally since childhood.  Whether I tried starting a lemonade stand on the golf course, selling back golf balls I fished out of the lake after hours to passing by golfers the next day, selling candy through the halls of middle school that I acquired at Sam's when accompanying my parents on their shopping trip, or starting a .com in college . . . I had the opportunity to experience the fruits and challenges of business early on.  Upon graduating from high school, I pursued my Undergraduate Education at The University of Texas at Austin as a Longhorn.  I studied Computer Sciences with a Business Foundation and enjoyed every moment of it.

After completing my undergraduate education in 2003, I made the very exciting and difficult decision to help my family launch and lead a new manufacturing company in the D/FW area, Texas ProFab Corporation.  We enjoyed strong growth for a number of years, weathered the recession with continued earnings growth, have never laid off a single employee, and built something really special.  After getting more involved with the Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Finishing Industries, I was nominated and elected to serve on the Board of Directors at The Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International (FMA) - an organization that has been wonderful to work with and taught me much in return.  I also became involved with their Charitable Foundation, as well.

In 2005, I continued my formal education as a Longhorn and began pursuit of my M.B.A. at The University of Texas at Austin while working full time.  Sacrificing only sleep, I was able to feed my interest for Finance, Marketing, Law, and Management while studying with a stellar cohort of classmates for 2 years.  I believe every field of education should be supplemented with education in business principles.  Stemming from relationships with my fellow alumni, I have had the opportunity to lead two successful entrepreneurial ventures in real estate and public equity with my classmates, as well.

While I have been extremely fortunate in the opportunities afforded to me, I hope that my story has just begun.

You can click the links at the top of this page to learn more about my Professional Career History, Charitable Organizations I dedicate time and financial resources to, my political views and opinions, and miscellaneous external links that supplement this information.

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