Vivek's Professional Work History & Credentials

I have a tremendous amount of love and passion for the work I do, which I hope is reflected when one speaks to me about it.  I have been very entrepreneurial in nature from a very young age, and that seems to have guided the paths I have taken throughout my career.  Below is a somewhat formal "resume" of sorts that details more about my professional career.  To learn more about my charitable work, links to articles where I am mentioned, and more . . . you can visit other sections of this website, as well. :-)


I aim to lead organizations which I control or have significant influence upon effectively and ethically, performing at my full potential and guiding these organizations through competitive environments while continuing to develop my own skill set and education.

Formal Education

The University of Texas at Austin (McCombs School of Business)
* Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.), Class of 2007.

The University of Texas at Austin (College of Natural Sciences)
* Bachelor of Sciences (B.S.), Class of 2003.
- Major:  Computer Sciences.
- Minor:  Business Foundations (Certificate with Distinction).

Plano Senior High School
* High School Diploma, Class of 1998.
* Numerous Awards, Activities, & Honors (Details Available Upon Request).

Industry Related Continuing Education

Bureau Veritas Management Systems Certification Training Programs
* Process and Added Value Auditing (May, 2007).
- Based on the ISO 9001 Standard.

SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) Training
* Seminars at FabTech (November, 2005: Chicago, IL).
- Lean Manufacturing (I, II, III).
- Pricing, Job Shop Marketing, and More.

Professional Experience

President: Texas ProFab Corp. & Image Industries [8/2003 - Present]

  • Role: To Manage & Direct Day to Day Business, As Well as Strategic Vision & Execution.

  • Results: Lead organization through over 400% organic revenue growth in first four years of leadership.  Maintained continued and consistent earnings growth, even through times of economic recession - without ever laying off a single employee, ever.

  • Sales/Marketing: Managed All Sales/Marketing and Advertising needs for both companies including design and execution of print ads, customer correspondence, evaluation of market expansion opportunities, relationships and contracts with external rep. firms, corporate image, budget and funds allocation for Marketing & Advertising Departments, and more.  Sourced, developed, nurtured, and serviced high value key customer relationships.

  • Information Technology (I.T.): Assessed, implemented, and managed I.T. needs for both companies consisting of over 60 employees while planning for future growth including World Wide Web presence & site design; custom e-Mail hosting & filtration; network security & topology; network hardware (workstation/server design & build); software installation, setup, & usage (custom manufacturing software suite integration with accounting software & network); computer integration with heavy manufacturing equipment; management of T1 phone & data system including Lucent PartnerMAIL system; entire budget and funds allocation for I.T. department; and more.

  • Certifications: Created and implemented a plan that resulted in ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Metal Fabrication and Finishings independently for both companies. Managed and prepared all documentation & controls, etc.  Additionally, attained many industry specific certifications (Nuclear, Government, Vendor Specific, etc.) which contributed to growth.

  • Human Resources (H.R.): Managed H.R. needs for both companies as we grew from 35 employees past 70 and further . . . including labor expense, salary negotiations, compensation packages, employee satisfaction, training records & data, acquisition and retention of talent, conflict resolution, etc.

  • Accounting: Developed full fledged in-house accounting department including detailed procedures for running payroll, routine tax payments, accounts receivables & payables, collections, and daily financial statement preparation; designed custom Balance Sheets and P&L statements showing additional relevant information to the business; analyzed and managed cash flow for both companies with a combined sales volume of $5,000,000+ and growing; hired & trained Accounting Staff; evaluated potential accounting software packages; chose, implemented, & setup selected suites.

  • Automation: Led organization into automation through the use of automated heavy equipment and software, generating significant returns and early payback on significant capital expenditures.

  • Environmental Leadership: Developed and Maintained Environmentally Friendly Business Operations including Slug Control Plans, Discharge Permits, and more. Complied and Exceeded the strictest regulations by EPA at Federal and State Levels, TCEQ, and the Insurance Industry. Personally receive recognition publicly at City Council Meetings from the Mayor year after year for said efforts.

President & Managing Partner:  North 40 Partners, LLC [6/2008 - Present]

I had always realized that real estate needed to be part of my long term career plans.  After completing my graduate education, I recruited a handful of my graduating classmates and a dear friend of mine to form this company.  With four University of Texas at Austin M.B.A. graduates and another talented creative individual, we are well equipped to undertake this endeavor.

Currently, I lead the organization as its founder, its President, its largest shareholder with an ownership stake of 40% of the organization.  Together, we aim to make real estate investments in the D/FW area that provide outsized returns for our partners utilizing a variety of different tools & relationships.  Thus far, we have been successful in realizing excellent return on our invested capital, and we look forward to continuing this success going forward.

Member of the Board of Directors: The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA) [10/2007 - Present]

The FMA is a wonderful organization that has just under 100 full time employees at the Rockford, IL headquarters.  They have an exposition arm that puts on such wonderful industry trade shows as FabTech, a commercial publications arm that publishes industry magazines like The Fabricator, and many other departments ranging from education to a charitable foundation meant to further workforce development in the industry.

As Texas ProFab Corp. grew, I became more and more active with industry associations and trade shows related to the precision sheet metal fabrication industry.  I then began to volunteer to serve on advisory councils, speak at trade shows and industry events, and more.  From there, my experience with the FMA began.

  • Served on the Industrial Laser Council (ILC) (2006 - 2011).
    • Council Responsible for ALAW Conference.
    • Made Presentations/Speeches Ranging From Laser Automation to Finishing Pretreatment at ALAW.

  • Nominated & Elected to The Board of Directors.
    • Appointed to 1 Year Term as Non-Voting Associate Director (2007 - 2008).
    • Elected to 3 Year Term as Full Director (2008 - 2011).
    • Re-elected to 3 Year Term as Full Director (2011 - 2014).
    • Final Term To Be Extended Due to Officer Service.
      • Appointed by the Chairman of the Board to the following committees:
        • Served on Membership Committee 2007 - 2008, 2009 - 2010.
        • Chairman of Membership Committee: 2010 - 2012.
        • Served on Bylaws Committee:  2008 - 2011.
        • Served on Exposition Committee:  2009 - 2010.
        • Chairman of a Successful Ad-Hoc Committee for Nearly $1MM Software Upgrade/Investment.
        • Served on Executive, Audit, Compensation, Finance, and Investment Committees: 2012 - 2013.
  • Nominated and Elected to The Board of Directors for FMA Communications (For-Profit Publishing Arm).
    • Member of the Board of Directors: 2011 - Present.
    • Served as Officer, Secretary/Treasrurer: 2012 - 2013.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my industry peers (who are not geographically direct competitors) to further the success of U.S. Manufacturing.

Member of the Board of Directors:  Valwood Park Property Owner's Association [6/2004 - Present]

As a member of the Board of Directors for this Association, I have been nominated for, elected, and served in various officer positions.

  • 2004:  Treasurer.
  • 2005:  President.
  • 2006:  Vice President.
  • 2007 - Present:  President.

We review and approve the budget for an association that manages collective property needs for over $100 Million in commercial/industrial property in the Carrollton, TX area, along with other considerations of the Board of Directors.  I represent Image Realty Co., Ltd. in this capacity, which owns the building in which Texas ProFab Corp. and Image Industries operate, as well.

President & Managing Partner:  July Fourteenth Capital Group, LLC [8/2007 - 10/2012]

This company was formed in 2007 by a very talented group of individuals, including seven of my fellow U.T. Austin M.B.A. alumni, with the goal of making global public equity value investments that consistently outperformed the broader market indices with low volatility and systematic risk.

We employed a progressive, disciplined, and comprehensive investment process that included a bottom-up approach combined with quantitative analysis and a macroeconomic analysis of sectors and geographies to identify market opportunities & trends.  To complement this, our disciplined sell process consisted of fundamental risk/return analysis of each equity and rebalancing sectoral allocations to limit volatility of the portfolio.

I owned 12.5% of the company and have the privilege of serving as its President from inception to dissolution.  We were independently owned and operated by our partners with no outside affiliations or joint venture agreements.

During our just over five years of operation, our results were very impressive.  We started at a market high and went through very turbulent times including the worst recession in greater than a generation.  Despite that, we closed with an annualized positive return in excess of 10%.  Our approach allowed us to take advantage of market volatility, despite only monthly meetings of our group and only buying & selling of long equity positions - no options, short sales, etc.

Our final transactions were charitable donations to relevant causes that were important to us.  This experience was very successful, fulfilling, and most importantly - fun.

Owner/Operator:  LiveComputing.com [9/2000 - 2/2006]

I started this company while in college working towards my undergraduate degree in Computer Sciences at the height of the high tech. services industry boom.

  • Developed & implemented custom computing solutions for home users & small corporations.
  • Cultivated and maintained successful business relationships.
  • Researched and pursued our target market, closed sales, and supported customers after the point of sale.
  • Successfully ran at continuously profitable levels by effectively managing all costs (labor, parts, etc.).

Asset Management Contractor:  Agilent Technologies (Through ManPower) [5/2000 - 6/2000]

  • Short Term Contract Job, Worked On Site at R.F. Micro Devices (North Carolina).
  • Implemented Inventory Control System for millions of dollars worth of Agilent Technologies test equipment.
  • Worked in a clean room with test and chip fabrication equipment.

High School Part-Time Jobs

In high school, as soon as I crossed the ripe old age of 16 (and was legally able), I actively pursued my first job and official paycheck.  I believe these part-time jobs, even though they may seem insignificant in the scope of my career, taught me very valuable skills.  I learned to effectively manage my time (balancing school and work), work hard for money ($6.00/hr. was not a glamorous starting pay, but nice to receive at the time), and interact with customers and co-workers in a business environment very early on.  In fact, taking these positions was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

  • Guest Service Representative, StudioPlus Hotels [9/1997 to 5/1998]
    • Managed many aspects of the hotel including custom software suite, corporate marketing, customer relations & billing, office management, and more.  Left position when I headed off to college to pursue my undergraduate education.
  • Customer Service Representative, T.J. Maxx [9/1996 to 9/1997]
    • Worked in all aspects of customer service while attending high school.  Dealt with difficult customers, worked all departments from layaway and fitting room to cash register and more.

Speaking Engagements

"Part Preparation and Pretreatment for Powder Coating." Plymouth, Michigan [May 13, 2009]
ALAW (Advanced Laser Applications Workshop) 2009; Fabricators' Day 2 - Lasers . . . Leading the Green Revolution.

Keynote Speech on Laser Automation. Dallas, TX [June 26, 2008]
Texas Automation Seminar; Sponsored by MC Machinery Systems, Inc.

"A Case Study in Automation." Plymouth, Michigan [April 17, 2007]
ALAW (Advanced Laser Applications Workshop) 2007; Fabricators' Day - Making Money With Lasers.

Master of Ceremonies (with Introductory and Closing Remarks) Plano, TX [November 5, 2009]
GDAS Cancer Clinic Inauguration (See My Charitable Page for More).

Professional Organizations

Texas Exes Alumni Association
Life Member [2003 - Present]

Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International (FMA)
Advantage Member, Industrial Laser Council, Member of the Board of Directors (See Above) [2007 - Present]

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Dallas Chapter Member [2005 - Present]

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Member [2000 - 2003]


Ed Youdell, President/CEO
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA)

Steve Heim, President
Brenco Industries, Ltd.

Gerald M. Shankel, Former President/CEO
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA)

Steven Nelson, Controller
Dillard's, Inc.

Nicholas J. DiCarlo, Director of Product Planning
Samsung Telecommunications America, LP

Mauricio A. Gallardo, Senior Associate
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP (PWC)

Robert Eppers, Senior Marketing Manager
Risk Services of Louisiana, Inc. (A Leavitt Group Company)

Ryan Ruebsahm, Director of Marketable Alternative Investments
The University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCo)

Contact Information for References Available Upon Request.

Portable versions (.pdf, .docx, etc.) of my resume/work history are available upon request.

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