Vivek's Professional Page: External Links

While this website provides a little information about my professional life, many pages outside of this website offer some additional insight, should you be interested.

Vivek Gupta's LinkedIn Profile

My LinkedIn profile can show you mutual contacts we may have, recommendations written about my work by others, additional details about my work, and more.  However, please don't be offended if I don't approve all add requests, as I prefer to only approve those whom I know and work with, or have at least met, in real life!  This principle makes the profile that much more meaningful. :-)

Also, from time to time, articles from various websites and publications feature or have mentions of my work or family, and I have tried to link to some of those below.  I certainly won't be able to catch them all, but if any of the links below no longer work - please let me know so I can update it. :-)

FMA Executive Committee & Board of Directors (Current - FMA Website)

City of Carrollton - 2013 Environmental Leadership Awards (2013)

FMA Announces New Board of Directors (2012 - 2013) (11/12 - The Fabricator)

Texas ProFab Corp. Names President (11/26/12 - TheFabricator.com)

How Fabricators and Finishers Can Finish The Job Fast (3/1/2012 - Product Finishing)

FMA Elects Officers (11/10/11 - Modern Machine Shop)
FMA Elects New Board Members (11/1/11 - Metal Construction News)

Uncertainty Is The New Certainty For Metal Fabricators (9/9/11 - The Fabricator)

Being Small and Holding Sway (On Page 22, The Fabricator)

Laser Cutting Debt Free (On Pages 13 - 14, ALAW 2009 Laser Technology Focus)

FMA Elects New Members, Officers (11/21/08 - ThomasNet)

Real Companies, Real Products, Real Customer Service (5/08 - The Fabricator)

Exports: The Economy's Saving Grace? (5/12/08 - TheFabricator.com)

AMT Society's Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament Results (5/22/08 - AviationPros.com)

The Guptas: Business Family of the Month (Go to Page 44, Diya Magazine - August, 2008)

The Strategy and Tactics of Hiring (5/1/08 - Modern Applications News)

Too Busy For Godot (3/11/08 - TheFabricator.com)

A Case Study In Job Shop Automation: Texas ProFab Corp. (April, 2007 - Presentation At ALAW 2007 Conference)

ALAW 2007 Debuts Fabricators' Day (Go to Page 12, LIA Today - May/June of 2007)

Thanks so much for visiting my professional site!

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