Vivek's Charitable Work

As one can see by browsing these pages, I have been more fortunate than any one man deserves.  When someone is so fortunate, it is important for them to give back to the community that has fostered their success, the organizations that help others in need, and the causes they firmly believe in.

This page is about how I choose to give back.  It details a portion of my charitable work and the organizations I volunteer my time and financial resources to.

The Nuts, Bolts, and Thingamajigs Foundation

The Foundation of The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International
Position:  Member of the Board of Directors (2008 - Present).
Cause:  Manufacturing Workforce Development & Education

Once upon a time, the United States used to be where people "built stuff."  Manufacturing, industry, and entrepreneurship is what made this country great.  I still believe that the United States is the best place in the world to "build stuff."  We have an innovative workforce, an entrepreneurial society, and unlimited opportunity.  However, this is all at risk.

There are not enough people pursuing manufacturing as a career path or even a temporary option.  The average age of the manufacturing workforce is rising and approaching retirement age very soon.  Productivity increases and automation are not sufficient to replace this entire generation of manufacturers.

This foundation does much to encourage young people to venture into the field of manufacturing, which can be both very rewarding and lucrative.  It provides scholarships to people of all ages pursuing education towards a career in manufacturing, whether that be a trade school or four year University program.  Additionally, it supports and administers manufacturing camps for young kids to be exposed to how things are built.  The organization "nurtures the tinkering spirit."

I have had the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors of this organization since 2008, and I look forward to serving and offering guidance so long as term limits allow.  Long after, I will continue to support the organization, as it is a cause very near and dear to my heart.

Most notably, with the support of my Father, U.K. Gupta (a man who came to this country with nothing and achieved tremendous success solely due to U.S. Manufacturing and the entrepreneurial nature of this country), we formed a $50,000 scholarship endowment that is managed by this organization and provides $2,500 to $5,000 scholarships as often as investment returns on the endowment allow.  We hope this will allow another young & motivated individual to get his or her start in the wonderful world of U.S. Manufacturing.

The GDAS Cancer Clinic

Position(s):  Founding Member, Donor, & Volunteer (2009 - Present).
Cause:  Cancer Treatment for the Uninsured

One doesn’t have to go far to meet someone whose life has been turned upside down or devastated by cancer.  I have seen situations that have been terribly tragic . . . However, it is even more tragic when people have a very treatable cancer and could be cured, but they lack insurance or financial resources to get well.  This clinic, led by Dr. Naresh Gupta (a renowned Oncologist), sets out to prevent exactly that.  It provides adjuvant chemotherapy to uninsured or underinsured individuals whose lives could be saved by such treatment.  The clinic is also branching out into providing free mammograms and screening kits for colorectal cancer to those without insurance and at risk for such cancers, as well.

My role here is admittedly small relative to the others who dedicate much more time and resources to this cause, but it is a role that I feel privileged to have.  In addition to personally making financial contributions (and donating non-financial resources like computers & hardware, website hosting services, etc.), I help with grant proposals, the I.T. network, and speak & volunteer at clinic events. Vivek as M.C. at Clinic Inauguration

This was a cause my parents involved me in, and my Mother, Sharda, handles overall administration of the clinic, as well.  It is continually encouraging and warming to see more and more people helped by this clinic, and we look forward to its continued impact on the community.

The University of Texas at Austin

Position:  Alumnus (Undergraduate & Graduate), Life Member of the Texas Exes
Cause:  Higher Education

The University of Texas at Austin has given me so much - an undergraduate education in Computer Sciences that fostered logical thinking, a graduate education in Business, a plethora of friends and great experiences, an introduction to the person who is now my wife (also a Texas Ex - both undergraduate and graduate), and much more.

I was reluctant to put this on here, because thus far, my contributions have been small, especially relative to the size of this organization.  I typically focus on organizations that are smaller in size because I can have a more significant and immediately measurable impact.

While my financial contributions to the College of Natural Sciences, School of Business, and Alumni Association have been relatively small, I try to find other ways to give back and volunteer my time, as well.  I actively help recruit potentially good candidates, specifically to the M.B.A. program.  I have spoken at Information Sessions for potential M.B.A. candidates considering the University, made my contact information available for those with questions about the program, and more.  Further, I have had much fun volunteering on multiple occasions to judge final Capstone projects for graduating M.B.A.'s.  It often reminds me that, strangely enough, I very much miss going to school. 

I also make numerous financial contributions here and there to other organizations, but none worth noting or as significant in my life as the ones I have mentioned above.

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